Meeting with the Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism Mr. Yeung Yun Hung GBS JP

The Committee was honoured to have Mr. Yeung Yun Hung, GBS, JP, Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism, Tourism, and Mr. Chiu Man Leong, Political Assistant to Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism and Mr. Cheng Ching Wan, Principal Assistant Secretary for Culture, Sports visited the Committee on 26 September 2022.

Accompanied by Mrs. Jenny Fung Ma Kit Han BBS JP, President of Hong Kong Paralympic Committee and Board of Directors, Mr. Yeung was briefed to learn about the work of the Committee since its establishment on 1 April this year, and to discuss how to collaborate in promoting Para sports in Hong Kong, as well as in assisting Para athletes in transition of new roles, leading a sustainable career development after retirement.

During the meeting, Mr. Yeung Yun Hung expressed his deep appreciation for the work of the Committee and extended his full support for its future direction, which is to promote the development of Hong Kong’s Para sports, to assist Hong Kong Para athletes in achieving glory in international multi-sports games, so as to ensure an ultimate vision of building an inclusive world with splendour in Para sports.