Eligibility Criteria

  1. National Sports Association which is a territorial governing body for Para sports;
  2. Participated no less than three Para sports events in the past five years: 1.Major Multi-games 2.Regional Championships 3.International Championships 4.International Invitation.


  1. The membership application form can be downloaded on HKPC website or acquired in the Secretariat of Hong Kong Paralympic Committee (Unit 1518-1520, Level 15, Tower 1, Grand Central Plaza, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong);
  2. The membership application form should be submitted with required documents and a crossed cheque with HK$200 payable to “Hong Kong Paralympic Committee Limited” of the Secretariat;
  3. An envelope state with the return mail address and sticks with sufficient postage;
  4. After receiving the application, the Secretariat will process and submit to the Board of Hong Kong Paralympic Committee or Membership Affairs Committee for assessment.  In general case, the result of application will be formally notified in 3-6 months.  All membership applications should be conferred by a Special Resolution at the General Meeting.

Application form for Ordinary Member